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Brother Vs Sister (part 1 -3)

Brother Vs. Sister (Part One, Two, & Three) The complete package...

Brother Vs. Sister

By 2nutbuster

1. Ashley learns about boys from a friend

Ashley and one of her friends decided to shop at the local mall one Saturday afternoon. "I'll show you many cute guys you can know", her freind said. Ashley was a student for the past five years at an all girls school. She never had the chance to know or even learn about boys. Since she was home for a short break, she thought hanging out with an old friend would be nice. They bought typical things, and checked out the guys as they walked past. One couple began having a heated arugrument near the snack bar.

"Look Ashley, there's a fight taking place!"

Ashley turned and glanced at the guy and girl talking crap to one another. The girl seemed very mad as she threw down her bags, and shoved the guy a couple of steps back.

"Oh my god, I think they're going to fight," Ashley said.

"Sure looks like it. Hey, that guy is a shortstop at my High School's baseball team. Quite a hunk...but let's cheer on the girl, I think she'll win! What do you think Ashley?" asked her friend.

"I don't know, that guy is tall and has a firm body. I think he will make her cry. There is no way she can beat him." Ashley said.

The two girls turned their attention back to the fight. The guy wasn't too happy with being pushed by his girl, and he came back at her, grabbed her shoulders and lifted her up and threw her small body against the wall.

"Looks like I'm going to win the bet," Ashley said to her friend with a smile.

Then it came to her, she had spoke to soon. The guy pushed his chest against the girls breast making her moan. The girl showed how painful this was by using her facial expressions. "Just shut up and lets go now!" he said.

He separated himself off her body and took a step back. This is when the girl walked up to him, grabbed his shoulders, and slammed her knee up between his parted thighs. "AAhhhhh!" was the sound he made as he immedately grabbed himself. He folded his body at the waist, and fell to his knees, then onto his back. He laid there moaning and turning as he curled into a little ball.

"Ha, I knew it, Ashley, I knew she would win!"

"What the heck just happened? How come he can't get up? What did she do to him? It was only one little knee?" Ashley was puzzled. She had never seen anything like this before. She wondered how a strong boy like this, couldn't get up and fight back aganist a much smaller girl.

The guy was still moaning on the floor holding the place where the zipper on his jeans were when his girlfriend said, "Not so tough now are you? Those huge nuts of yours gave you the confidence to talk back to me...well it was time to put them in their place. You boys are so sensitive and weak down there it's embrassing." She then grabbed her bags and walked out of the mall, leaving her baseball lover on the floor hurting and sobbing.

"Hee, Hee, that was funny. Mr. Baseball Jock forgot to wear his cup today. O' yeah! You mention he was going to win too, what do you think about it now Ashley?"

"I think it doesn't make any sense at all. He is twice her size, and manhandled her with ease, but one knee made him so helpless. I don't get it, I would get angry after recieving a hit between my legs." Ashley said.

"That's just it! You and I have nothing between our legs, we could easily walk around after getting hit there. Boys however, weren't as lucky as us, because they have testicles."

"Testicles? What is that?" Ashley dumbfounding asked.

"Boys and Men have two things that dangle in between their legs, we call them Balls, Nuts, or of course, Testicles. They also have a penis that hangs down like a long stupid hose too." said the friend.

"That's strange, how come we don't have such things as balls?" Ashley asked.

"Because Mother Nature loves the female body. She created us so we can have perfect flawless bodies without the use of a dick and balls. A guys balls are so sensitive, that a small flick of the finger, can drop a guy to his knees. They are very painful organs, and thus makes every single boy on the planet weak."

"But how can you say boys are weak, when they grow strong muscles I can only dream about, and (sigh) what about their washboard stomach, that's hot." Ashley said

"Well, that is interesting. Perhaps the balls know just how fragile they are, and that is why they pump hormones and testostrone into their owners male body, giving him a strong lean look that only guys can achieve. But once you nail them in the balls, you'll realize its all just a show to hide their true natural weakness, I wouldn't fall for it, and either did the girl who bashed her boyfriends nuts. I mean look at him, he still can't get up, that just shows all females that boys are weak, because of their balls."

2. Ashley does research and makes plans

That night Ashley went home and turned on her computer, she never thought about boys at all, but now she was very curious to learn more about the male body. She typed in the word "tessstkes" and an error screen popped up. She then typed in the words "Boys Balls" and found sites about sports and how to catch a fly ball. She was about to give up, thinking her friend lied about everything she told her. She still couldn't believe every boy could be weak, because her older brother Mike was anything but weak. Ashley then figured Mike wouldn't drop down a cry, because he was a man and not a wimp. She was about ready to deal with it and shut her computer down, when she thought of the "long hose penis" her friend mentioned. She typed in "penis" and this is when her idea about the strong mightly male body completely changed.

She studied all the veins and tubes that complete the males manhood, and began reading facts about the penis and balls. She grinned when she found out the balls hang lower in warm tempertures and snuggled closer to the guys body for warmth when cold. She reviewed pictures of how the testicles looked inside and out. She cringed as she reviewed a guys sctrotum, and was happy she didn't have anything that ugly hanging between her legs. Once she saw the nude penis, she laughed, it was a goofy looking tube of meat that just hung in front of a guy, she now understood why Mike and other boys, had a bulge in the front of his jeans, and gym shorts. Once learning about a boys weakness, she studied the bulges of many guys on the internet. She envisonied her fist traveling into the computer screen and slamming one of them in the balls, then watched their expression. It became clear, that she wanted to actually try it herself. She wanted to know if she had the power to defeat a male. The first boy that came to her mind was Mike. Although, she viewed him as a strong person, she wanted to see just how strong he is, and to test the theory that all boys are weak because of their balls. "I'll punch him tomorrow." she said before turning off the computer and going to bed.

3. Enter Mike

Mike was in his room talking to a couple of girls on his cell phone, he talked one of them into sleeping with him tomorrow night, saying he would wrap his strong arms around her, and she can rub his chest and abs. He made it clear, that he was the man who would take care of her, and defend her against others. After hanging up, Mike laid on his bed thinking about tomorrow evening. He was going to have fun with this new girl, and laughed at all the lies he told her during their conversation. He reached into his sweats, and under his boxers to massaged his semi-hard dick, thinking about what he was going do with it tomorrow. He always envisioned his penis as his very own sword, inwhich he could stab any girl he wants to. Once he saw some of his pre-cum leak out the top of it, he stopped massaging to save the rest of his energy for tomorrow. He reached over to the light and turned it off.

4. Ashley reviews her target

The next day, Ashley was sitting on the sofa watching television. She was waiting for her older brother to come back from playing basketball with some friends. Usually after his practice session, he would come back home, and go into the weight room/garage to workout his body. Around 4:30 he came back home walking into the living room, sweaty and breathing hard. His body glistened as he walked into the kitchen to grab a drink of water. The white wife beater he wore to the game was tucked into the side of his blue/white Nike Basketball shorts. His pair of sunglasses, and his low sideburns made him look very intimidating. While Mike was standing in the kitchen drinking his water, Ashley noticed his package in the middle of his blue gym shorts, about three inches below the elastic band, and about four inches below his boxer shorts, which are on display above. His belly button moved in and out as he drank, and his abs tighten harder as he swallowed.

"Man, that was some practice, guess how many three point shots I made today?......Five!" he said answering his own question. "Then I made this one badass play, it was like this." He ran around the couch, making quick foot movements then jumped high to touch the ceiling.

Ashley smiled at him, not because of his impressive moves, but because his dick and balls were bouncing all over the place in those loose basketball shorts of his. Once he jumped to touch the ceiling, Ashley wished she could have stopped time, because his flopping packaged lifted up as his body was coming down. It was an awesome sight. She swore she heard his nuts make a slapping sound inside his gym shorts once he landed, but he showed no signs of it hurting.

"How was that play, did you like my moves?" he said, while pulling his wife beater out of his shorts and began sliding them over his smooth flat V-shape torso.

"It was awesome, your body seems so loose." she said with a smile.

"Well I'll be in the garage working out, just holler when that one girl comes by. I want her to see me lifting." Mike then walked out to the gym.

5. Mike gets it good "right where it counts the most"

Ashley really didn't want to hit Mike anymore because of the way he looked. His toned trimmed body was almost to scary to handle or punch. So Ashley just wanted to talk with Mike about balls. She entered the garage to find Mike bench pressing.

"Um, Mike, I have a question." Ashley asked.

"Whats up sis!"

"Well, me and my friend saw a girl and boy fight at the mall yesterday."

"So what, did the girl get an ass whooping?" Mike said with a grunt as he continue benching.

"No, the girl kicked him in the balls hard, and won." Ashley said with a giggle.

"What, the guy must have been weak or something, that stuff only happens in the movies." Mike told her. Then he got on the floor and started his push ups.

"But I thought all boys are weak in the balls, including you Mike." Ashley said looking down at him.

"That's bullshit sis, my balls make me a man, otherwise I wouldn't be able to do all this lifting. It's girls, and you, that are the weak ones. That's why females can't play baseball, basketball, football, and skateboard. The world is dominanted by males, and females are inferior."

That comment really pissed off Ashley, and she rebounded saying "That's not true, have you ever be hit in the balls Mike?" Ashley grinned, as he stopped doing push ups, and thought about the

He stood up and walked toward Ashley looking down at her. "Yeah, about four years ago, I was bouncing a basketball around at the court, and was doing moves in between my legs, then it bounced up in hit me there, it hurt, but it wasn't enough to make me weak. How can I become weak? My entire body is made out of stone, basically indestructable." He removed his shirt and flexed his powerful muscles to prove his point. "O' Yeah, with these babies nothing can get in my way." he said.

"Speaking of getting in the way, what about your dick and balls flopping all over the place in the living room while you were doing your stupid basketball moves. I even heard them slapped against your thigh, I know you felt it." Ashley said with a smile.

"What are you taking about? I have complete control of my balls, and plus my cock is so long that it reminds me of a sword. That's what you heard, my cock slapping against my belly. Just wait until tonight, then it will be slapping against someone else. Now leave, I'm expecting that one girl to come over soon." He grabbed the bar attached to the ceiling and starting doing his pull-ups.

However, what he didn't see, was the girl he was talking about walked into the garage just as he made that comment about her. Ashley noticed her, and the girl had a mean look in her eyes. As Mike was lifting his body up and down, Ashley viewed the large bulge in his flimsy gym shorts and boxers. She noticed he was looking toward the ceiling counting how many pull-ups he has done. He couldn't see her, so Ashley pointed her finger at his balls, then made a fist while looking at the girl. The girl nodded her head in approval, and then Ashley took a step back to gain some additional strength. Just as Mike reached the top of his pull-up, his legs were down, and his package was in full view. Ashley didn't want to pass on this opportunity, and shot her entire arm back and forward into Mike's dangling ballsack. Once her fist connected, she felt his soft vulnerable balls squash against his bony hard pubic bone with dead accuracy. His sorry thin gym shorts did nothing to prevent the blow, or offer any type of relief.

Mike screamed out in pain like a little girl, and brought both of his knees up to his midsection tighting his strong abs as if he can overcome the pain with his muscles. He hung onto the bar for about three seconds before his strong arms gave out, sending his entire body falling to the floor with a sickening thud.

"AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! My BALLS! MY BALLS!!!! What did you do to me? AAWWWWWWW! My Balls! MY BALLS!" he cried out.

He was holding them tightly, and rolling around on his back. His legs kicked out in a thrashing motion as he continued to battle the pain that was just beginning. He started to curl up into a litte ball, like the boy in the mall, but started moaning. "AHHH, Ashley, what did you do to me, I'm me please." Ashley couldn't contain herself, and started laughing uncontrollably at her strong muscular brother.

"I thought balls make you strong brother, their suppose to give you muscles to fight and protect you, but what the hell are they doing now!" Ashley pointed at his abs. "Your strong abs are tightening, and I can see the thick cords in your neck. Wow, I have never seen you flex this hard before. Look at your arms too, your bicseps are tight. I guess when the balls get hit, your whole male body goes crazy. I can't image what your hormones, and nerves are going through right now. Hell, I don't want to know. I told you, balls make you weak! I have no idea how the male sex domiantes the world, when one punch to your sorry gonads sends you down in weak. Testicles are a man's weakness, and I just proved it." Ashley looked at the girl, and they ran to each other and jumped up and down.

Mike couldn't believe this was happening, and tried to stand up by lifting his upper body off the floor using his abs, then he got on his knees, but as soon as he straightened out his body, all the pain he tried to prevent before was unleashed. His balls sent waves of testicular agony up his midsection, and into his brain. Mike grabbed his painful nuts again, and fell hard to his side. The pain was even worse this time, and Mike started crying on the floor. His body began trashing his legs, while his upper muscles convulsed in weird rythms, then he made an awful sound, and laid spread eagled on the floor, unconscious. His mightly male body inwhich he worked on for years, had one huge flaw...testicles.

Ashley felt an all time sexual thrill when Mike passed out from her simple punch. She was surprised Mike's balls weren't hard and tough, but instead they were weak and soft. She actually felt them squash in between her hard knuckles, and knew he wasn't going to last. She looked down at his shirtless body and shook her head.

"I did that to a guy with a body of a god's son. I'm sure glad I don't have the proud balls of a male" It was an experience she will never forget.

Brother Vs. Sister (Part Two)

1. Mike plots revenge

It had been an entire year, after Mike was beaten so badly by his younger sister Ashley. After he graduated from High School and joined the miltary, the thought of the defeat by his young sister never left his mind. Each and every night, he thought about that awful evening, and felt ashamed in what she would do to him if he told mom. He knew he would return home during the summer months again, so he worked out his six foot two inch body each day. He doubled the weights, and tripled the number of push-ups and sit-ups he had done a year ago. Many of his buddies notice how strong, and fit Mike was getting, and envied his entire body up and down. Once Mike had a chance, he would review himself in the mirror, and notice how much stronger he looked. He smiled at the flat strong chest he had, and smirked at the tight toned six pack abs running down his firm fit torso. He then began to flex his arms, and watched his own biceps bulge in his nicely tanned skin. He was strong and intimidating... and he knew it.

"Ashely." he thought as he rubbed the bumps of his abs and kissed his bicep.

"Paybacks gonna be a bitch!"

2. Ashley thinks about old and new times

Since that day Ashley nailed her own brother in the nuts, she knew he wasn't going to be a problem afterwards. She noticed he'd never talk to her after the incident due to humliation. However, before he left to the miltary, he gave her an evil look, as if he was going to get back at her sooner or later when he returned. Once Ashley's mother annouced Mike was coming home in July, Ashley felt alittle race in her heart, and made a note to herself that Mike would try to take revenge of her this time. She figured Mike had learned knew fighting moves, and death grips during training, and feared he might get her in one of these holds and never let go. She knew she had to strike first if Mike made his move.

3. July comes around... Mike arrives home

Mike finally arrived home late in the night. He grabbed the key off the "welcome" floor mat and walked inside. He set his bags down and walked around, feeling good being back home. He walked into his room and was surprised to see it was the same as he left it, then he walked down to the garage and seen all the exercrise equipment he used in the past. He chucked at the advancements in weight training he had, compared to his little home gym. Just then his mind became blank as he remembered the awful scene of girls laughing at him on the floor, clutching his nuts and moaning. He quickly shook it off though, grabbed the pull-up bar attached to the ceiling and began lifting his body up and down. This was a lot easier now, and he stopped after 75. He turned off the light, and went into his bedroom, stripped down to his boxers, and fell asleep.

"Did you see him, mom?" Some voices were coming from the hallway as he began to awake.

Then he heard a knock on his door, and his sister and mom walked in. They both smiled at his toned V-shaped back as he laid spread eageled on his belly. Ashley giggled to herself when she notice Mike's nuts were hanging outside of his boxer shorts, resting comfortably on the mattress. They were the size of chicken eggs, and she wondered how the hell he can walk around with those hanging from him.

"Good Morning Mike!" his mom said, as he quickly turned around to sit up in the middle of his bed.

He sat with his legs wide apart, with both his arms resting ontop of each knee. Ashley quickly noticed how built he had gotten since he left, and felt a sharp fear run down her spine. She looked at his wide muscluar shoudlers, then followed his strong arms noticing the black hair of his forearm. She then focused of her brothers flat hard chest, and sexy dark brown male nipples. Mike's torso narrowed down as his six pack abs bulged under his thick skin. A trail of black hair came out of his belly button, and worked their way under the elastic of his blue shorts.

"What's up, ladies?" Mike said as he began rubbing his eyes.

"Wow! You really worked out a lot haven't you Mike?" His mom was impressed by the young man she created, and raised.

"Hell Yeah! It took me over a year to achieve what other men envy, and what women want" he cuckled cockliy. He then stood up and began showing the two females the muscles he work so hard to get. He flexed his arms and tighen up his abs for them.

"Mike, did you know your sister also began working out. She jogs miles a day and recently began bench pressing." their mom said.

"Yeah Mike, look at my legs, I've been working on these babies."

With that she kicked out her smooth female leg up into the air sharp and fast. It was like a whip as her foot snapped in the air. Although the kick was a few feet away, Mike instinctively cupped his balls without even thinking about it. Ashley noticed this and smiled.

"Yes, and also I've been working out my torso like you Mike. But instead of having a a body full of bumps and slabs of muscle, I have a cute smooth, slender body. No offense though, you look...alright" Their mom smiled at the both of them realizing, there was some type of grudge between them.

"Alright?...I look fuckin' hot!" he said, and kissed both his bisceps, and rubbed his male nipples. "You may be strong for your own sex, but I'm like one hundred times stronger than the two of you combined. He cupped his balls in his left hand and flexed his powerful right arm while staring at it. "You know you envy me Ashley, my muscles, strength, manhood, and balls."

Ashely laughed, "Envy that ugly muscle and floppy sack. Hell No!" But in her mind, she knew he was hot, and she was actually scared to confront him, if it wasn't for her mom being there.

"Fuck You Bitch! Let's go right here!" he said raising his large fists, and the hatred from last year's nut punch came into his mind. He had be learning new moves to disable opponents, and was confident he would wrap his arms and legs around her, to make her submit.

4. Ashley and Mike fight

"You guys cut it out now, Ashley get out of his room before he really hurts you!" their mom yelled.

"Mom just because his a boy doesn't mean I can't take him down. I mean I already brought him down before, and that was simple." Ashley

"Yeah, but that was a hit I wasn't expecting, and plus I wasn't as strong as I'm now. Working out can do wonders, girl!" he said.

"Okay, you guys! Take it outside, and Mike put some clothes on." their mother said, as she followed Ashley out of the room.

Mike was angry that she challeged his male ego. He slipped on a pair of white socks, and grabbed a pair of light gray sweat pants in the drawer. He pulled it on and tied the front strings around his slender waist loosely, exposing the elastic band of his blue boxers on top. He grab a tight white tank top from his bag, and slid it over his firm body, huging the muscles, and defining how much in shape he was. He stood in front of the mirror and admired his body, after one year of hard work and excerise, he was waiting for this day to get even. He looked at the impressive bulge in the sweats, and cupped them up, knowing his hard body would protect them. He let his balls drop, and they went outside.

It was a warm evening and they walked out to the grass in the back yard. This area was fenced in, so no one would see them. The mom sat on the porch, wanting the fight to end in freindship. She knew Ashley had some self-defense training, but Mike had military training, and a body to back it up. He was cocky, and sure to defeat her. However, if Ashley were to get beaten to badly, the mom said she will stop the fight.

The two young combatants stood facing each other, Mike was about a foot taller then the younger Ashley.

"I'm surprised you still have the balls, to come back and fight?" she said.

"Whatever, you'll be sucking my big heavy balls after I'm finished with you." he smiled. They both got into their fighting stances, and the mom yelled "FIGHT!".

Mike and Ashley circled each other trying to find a opening, then Mike came and threw a heavy punch at her face, he missed but his weight carried his shoulder into her, and both fell to the ground with a 'thud'. Mike broke his fall on Ashley's tiny body, and she had the wind knocked out of her. Their mom stood up with a gasp, then saw Mike get up, and give her some time to recover.

"There's more where that came from sis." Mike said, as he grabbed his tank top and slid it off exposing his strong male body.

He flexed to loosen up, and waited until Ashley got up. Once again they stood facing one another, and Ashley was mad he removed his shrit to show off. She wanted to get him good and hard, make him hurt real bad. She looked at his strong chest and dark male nipples, then down to his crotch as they circled. She waited until he made his move first, as he came rushing after her for a tackle, she dropped on all fours and rammed her shoudler into his right leg, flipping his body to the grass. He quickly got to his feet and stood facing his mom on the porch. He then pounded his chest and yelled in an act of intimidation. However, while he was standing there, Ashley crawled behind him and placed a hand on either side of his waist. She then grab a handful of his boxers and sweats while yanking down hard and fast. Mike's yell of rage was cut short, as his long flaccid cock and low hanging balls bounced free in mid-air.

"HAAAAAHAAAAAaA" mom laughed as her daughter de-pantsed the poor male hunk.

Mike didn't know what the do, but quickly bent over to pull up his clothes, straggering as the sweats were around his ankels. He slowly tried walking away from Ashley, and she was giggling at his sorry state. His chicken egg balls swung low and bumped against his thighs. Ashley crawled closer to him from behind and grabbed the sorry man-bag. His sack was like liquid, and his large balls were firm and warm in her palms. She then used her right hand to grab the thin neck of skin holding his swinging sweaty balls. She felt a shock go through her, then twisted and yanked the fleshly man meat between the guys thighs. Mike's knees closed together and he let out a high pitch scream, much different then the roar moments ago. Ashley then tighten her fist, then punched the fragile organs once and twice, before letting him go. She was surprised he still stood there holding onto his busted sack.

"I guess your muscles don't want you to fall.... I'll take care of that".

She walked in front of Mike and looked at his face. His mouth was open and eyes squeezed shut trying to prevent the pain for entering his mind. She put his arms on her shoulders, and turned to give her mom a thumbs up! Ashley looked at his heaving abs, and noticed his balls tightened and untightened each each breath, his long cock seemed to get smaller and scared of her. She thought it was time to finish him, and grabbed both his man-nipples hard, twisting and yanked them towards her, as her knee rammed the center of his maleness...his testicles. She watched him drop to his knees with a grunt, and still holding onto his nipples, she yanked his upper body face first into the grass with a loud 'thump'. He rolled and curled up in a tight little ball crying and screaming about what happened to his nuts again.

"Mom, MAMA, help me, help me please! She did it again, (cough) she cracked my Balls! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" He rolled around, and around, and around, until he finally fainted.

"Holy shit, Ashley! That was fuckin amazing!" her mother ran up and gave her daughter a big hug.

"Yeah, I know, but I will never understand why guys think working out and building muscles no longer makes their nuts weak. I'm so glad you made me a girl mom, and couldn't live with those ugly dangling organs between my smooth crotch." They both walked back into the house, leaving Mike, pants down, on the lawn, from female nut busting.

Brother Vs. Sister (Part 3- The final chapter-)

1. Dad arrives from work, and discovers the pain his son is in.

Mike woke up the next morning holding his bruised nuts in both his arms. He couldn't believe he had been defeated again by his little sister. As he rolled back and forth on his bed, he felt his big nuts, and held them very gently. He used his thumb, and forefinger, to rub the nut-cords holding the balls against his strong, lean, body. It felt painful, as he rubbed his soft cords up and down, but realized, it was relaxing the tension in his loins. His long, limp, cock, hung between his legs like a fire hose, but he soon laid it on his stomach, as he caressed the pain in his stricken balls.

"OOOOOHHHHHHHHH! Why did this happen again?" he thought. But, soon realized it was because of his proud male balls. He rolled around on his bed, thinking how much stronger he would be, if it weren't for the dangling testicles between his thighs. However, he realized, he wouldn't be the strong male animal he was, if it wasn't for the balls he owned. He then clutched himself, thinking about the pain his sister put him in, and how he couldn't defend, or win a fight, with weak balls hanging between his two legs.

"Why can't these balls disappear!" he said crying, as his father walked in disappointed by what his son was saying.

"What the Fuck are you talking about Mike?" his dad said to him.

"You should not be ashamed to have the proud male organs god blessed you with, they give you strength, power, and a body girls can only dream of having. Your sister doesn't know what it's like to be a man, and will always wonder what it would be like, to be one. Too bad she will never get the chance." He smiled, and so did Mike, feeling reassured of his manhood.

"Once I arrived back from travel. Your mom told me you were beaten by your sister in a fight in the backyard. What the fuck is wrong with you? Look at yourself, your twice the size of her, and have all the experience from traing in the military. Are you fucking retarded?" Mike's dad said.

"No, I'm not! She had a few lucky shots on me, and that is all!" Mikes confidence was increasing. "I could beat her ass if I wanted to, but I felt sorry for her, because, well, she's just a small girl".

"That's the way to think son , don't ever, EVER, doubt you manhood, because it will always be there to save you!" Mikes dad said confidently. "Lets go down to your weight room, I want to see how much of a man, my boy has become." Dad said.

2. Father and Son discuss the pros of being a male.

Mike jumped out of his bed, and while cupping his loose balls with pride, slid on a pair of blue, loose gym shorts. He followed his pops into the garage where he used to work out in during his teenage years. Mikes dad took off his white T-shirt, exposing a hard, matured, male body, far more advance then his son had.

"Want until your body reaches 30 to 40 years of age, then you'll know what a man's body should look like." He flexed his hard bisceps, and tighened up his enitre torso, so all the muscles rippled, from his chest, all the way down to his crotch. Mike grinned, knowing one day, he would have the same body his dad had, if he countined to work out each day.

"Mike spot me has I lift the bence press." He laid down and Mike went to his aide.

"So your mom told me your sister kicked your ass twice, is this true?" His dad said between large grunts.

"Yes, but they were lucky shots, and I didn't see them coming at all." Mike said.

"Doesn't matter son, if your not aware you loose, in any battle, if your not on your toes, a foe can easily domainate you. All you have to do is show your confidence and strenght to frighten your opponent, and you bascially won the match, here's how I do it." He released the weights with a loud cling."You must walk to your challenger, and flex each and every muscle you have. Then I always like to grab my nuts, to show them I'm a true man, then reach out and grab my opponent. Works every time." Dad said with a smile.

"But what if they kick you in the balls dad?" Mike said quietly.

"Fuck that, a female would be too scared to do that after seeing my body, plus you need to realize balls give you strength to become a man, and fight. Look at your chest, arms, and stomach Mike, those muscles of yours didn't grow without the help of testostrone, and testicles. Now stop asking gay questions, and learn how to become a strong male." dad said. "Girls are weak, and full of penis envy, they want what they can't have, Mike. And that's a strong hard body like the ones we have. Grab your balls and flex your muscles!" Mikes dad said. "See how good it is to be born a man, see how good it is to have big balls, and a cock."

Mike did just that, and began to smile proudly. He yelled in his masculine voice, "HELL YEAH! GIRLS ONLY WISH THEY HAD BIG BALLS LIKE ME, THEY ONLY WISH THEY COULD FLEX MUSCLES THE WAY I CAN, AND BETTER YET, THEY CAN ONLY WISH, TO PISS STANDING UP, WITH AN EIGHT INCH COCK LIKE MINE." Mike looked at his dad, and flexed each and every muscle in his body, saying "WHAT!!!!!"

His dad looked at him and smiled, as Ashley and her mom walked into the weight room/garage.

3. The two boys get owned badly.

"What the fuck are you doing in our gym?" Mike said to his mom and sister.

Ashley walked up to him and said, "apparently you haven't learned your lesson, me and mom heard your entire conversation, and don't approve of it!"

"Get her Mike, don't be afraid of a tiny girl!" dad said

Mike slid off his tank top exposing his tanned, hard lean torso, put up his arms and began dancing around in a boxers stance. Ashley stood there ready to fight him, she knew her dad talked alot of sense into his brain, and knew he wouldn't back down in front of his father.

"You're mine now bitch!" Mike said.

As Mike came at her with a few jabs, she ducked and blocked all of them. Then to her surprise, Mike got a good punch into her stomach. She immediately bent over, and Mike rammed his shoulder into her, knocking her flat onto the floor. As she was on the ground, in the weight room, Mike rolled her onto her hands and knees, while wrapping his large right arm around her neck. He said, "better give up now sis, or I will squeeze the life out of your sorry female body!"

Ashley didn't know what to do, and started to fail her arms and legs trying to break her larger, stronger brothers hold. Then, as the darkness began to fill her mind of fainting, and losing, she remembered he was a man, a male with big hanging balls between his legs. Since Mike was on his left knee, squeezing her neck, Ashley simply reached out and grabbed his balls through the loose basketball shorts he was wearing. She gasped at the fragile organs of his manhood, and squeezed with all her might. She had felt her brother balls before, but still couldn't believe how vunlerable they were. She squeezed harder, and Mike released his grip. She squeezed and pulled downward, and Mike arms and hands failed to his sides outward.

"A girl envies and boy's cock and balls huh?" She twisted on his sack, which was alreadly hurting from the day before. "A girl wants a strong body like yours, huh?" She then yanked down his balls in the loose blue gym shorts he was wearing. "A girl wants to piss standing up the way you can, right?" She finally yanked his balls up in front of him, tightly held in her hands. "Well brother, your wrong!" She tighted her fist and slammed it hard into his warm fuzzy testicles with a loud smack. She did it again, and again, and again, to prove she was the one in charge of his once proud body.

Mikes dad was completely at awe, and stood there in shock by what had happened to his well-built muscular son. He didn't see his wife sneak up behind him. She squatted down behind his six-foot five frame, eyeing his trim 32 inch waist, and grabbed ahold of his thin gym shorts and boxers, yanking them both down to his feet. Before her husband reacted, she grabbed his heavy low hanging balls, and pulled his thin scrotum up into his tight ass-crack. Then without hesitation, she threw the seven inch, floppy sack of balls hard in between his legs. The poor mans balls swung fast between his strong male thighs, and smashed hard against the lower part of his six pack abs, crushing them against his own hard belly, with a loud smack. His long cock and heavy balls wobbled uncontrollably as her husband fell face first to the ground moaing and writhing in extreme testicluar agony. He was completely disabled by the once proud balls he lectured to his son about.

Mike watch his dad crumple to the ground crying, and he said, "FUCK YOU DAD!!!! THESE NUTS DON'T MEAN SHIT!" (cough) (cough). Mike said crying on the floor below the bench press he used daily in high school. "OOOOOOHHHHHHH, my sister owns them now!" he said in tears.

Ashley looked down at her strong brother saying, "Ha, Ha, Why the hell would I want to own a pair of big useless balls like that?" She then pulled down her pants and panties, and squatted above her brother Mike. "Your big, sorry Cock and Balls, aren't worth a shit!", she then began pissing on his male organs.

Mike starting screaming in humiliation, and knew working out his body was completely pointless all these years. His male-pride finally began to fade away. He cried in pain, and defeat, until the nerves in his long nut-cords sent a strong strike of agony into his young adult brain, then he finally passed out a third time from his sisters abuse.

Both women stood there looking at the two hunks of male muscle, and shook their head in shame.

"Just to think" Ashley's mom said, "as a little girl, I always wanted to have a penis and balls, just like the other boys. I wanted to be strong, and muscular like them.....Ha! I'm so glad that wish never came true." She said stepping over her beaten, moaning, husband, and unconscious son. "Hey Ashely, lets go get some ice cream."

"Sure mom, lets do that!" Ashley said heading for the door.

The End

The Battle of the Sexes! Part 1 & 2

The Battle of the Sexes! Part 1 & 2

By TwoNutBuster

Ira and Cindy sat alone in their college dorm watching a movie they just rented at a video store. During one of the scenes a young man was causing trouble during a gym class basketball game. Apparently he was mad about having girls playing ballwith the rest of his buddies. He was causing rude fouls by pushing and shoving the girls around, until one of them decided to take a stand against him. "Watch this, it is really funny", Cindy said. "Why what's going to happen?", asked Ira puzzled at Cindys response.

Their attention was then turned to the screen. When the young man was passed the ball, he got himself ready to shoot a three point shot.

But when he jumped up high in the air the young girl stood her ground and took careful aim at the man's crotch, which was now eye level to her. As he reached the peak of his jump, the girl threw an outstanding uppercut to his unprotected crotch. The bully quickly let out a groan and landed hard on his knees. The ball didn't make it far and one of the other girls made the shot instead. Cindy was cracking up at this and Ira was wondering why this was so funny. The young man then fell to his side and clutch at his injured area. "Bastard got what he deserved!" Cindy yelled out.

"What's so funny about that Cindy?" Ira exclaimed.

"Men think they are all big and tough until a small girl teaches them a lesson" Cindy said.

"Their sorry balls offset their muscular advantage over us girls, and every male has this great weakest. Have you ever nut-checked a guy in your life?"

"Of course not, I don't think it works to well. I would rather hit him in the face or stomach."

"Well Ira, let me tell you about my first encounter with a male's balls. Back in High school this one cute boy always use to kick the back of my seat in History class. I told him to stop it, but he didn't listen. I decided to take action. The next day he continued to kick the chair, and even started to laugh along with one of his buddies. When the bell rang, I waited for him to leave before me, and I watched him with the corner of my eye. I've heard men are weak between the legs, so I paid close attention to his crotch. That is when I noticed the lump in his jeans four inches below his belt. As he began walking by my desk I brought back my elbow and then swung it into the bulge in his baggy jeans. It was very soft, and my elbow kept traveling into him. It felt like I pushed his limp bulge two to three inches inward. At first I didn't think it would do anything until he let out a deep groan. He dropped his books, and doubled over with both his hands between his legs. I looked at his face and notice his eyes were squeezed shut, and all of his teeth showing as they are clutched together. He stood like that for about ten seconds. I thought it was funny because he stood with his knees together, and his hands between his legs doubled over. I realized he was fighting to block out the pain, and so far he was doing a good job, but his ball pain soon overpowered his vain effort. He started coughing and slowly sank to his knees, then he fell hard on his face retching. His whole body was rolling back and forth, and many of the girls started laughing at this male reaction. A teacher ran up to us, and asked what had happen, I explain it was an accident and didn't realize he was behind me. She believed the story and told us to all leave the classroom. As I left I took one more look and the poor male, and smiled. He was crying as I left. The next day I laughed at him and he got red in the face, but never again bothered me in class."

"Wow!" Ira shouted and give her friend a high five.

"I guess that technique really works, I would definitely try in on the next person who bothers me!"

"How about your boyfriend Jake, I've notice he sometimes domainates the relationship between you, and he always stares at other girls during his wrestling matches."

"No, I couldn't do that he is much bigger than me, and he knows how to fight and wrestle. Plus he is six foot two, and weights around 200 pounds. And also Cindy, that isn't 200 hundred pounds of fat, it is muscle."

Cindy realized exactly what Ira was talking about and knew her boyfriend was quite a stud. He wasn't built with too much muscle, but he was lean, and hard.

"Well," Cindy said, "what about when he bosses you around, and only uses you the way he wants. I think he needs to be taught a lesson."

Ira began thinking about Jake, and the times he stared at this one girl and whistled at her during a date. She then remembered a time he was caught cheating on her, and she never forgave him for that. Now she wanted to get back at him for all the times he's been like an asshole. Plus, she and Cindy were actually getting a lot closer, and felt feelings for one another. She knew Cindy wanted her to leave him, and be with her.

"So what do you think, should you finish him off, and perhaps me and you can spend more time together?" Cindy said, moving closer to Ira.

"Let's do it, but I want you to fight him instead of me. I think the outcome of the match will help me make up my mind of who I want to continue being with. I mean, I still like his strong body in all, and then again, I would really want to spend more time with you Cindy." Ira said, laying her hand on Cindy's knee. "I would like you to win, but he is going to put up a challenge."

Cindy said calmly, "I won't lose, if I have a plan."

Together Cindy and Ira began planning tomorrows fight with Jake.

Battle of the Sexes 2 (Jake gets hit)

by TwoNutBuster

The next day Ira spent most of the day with her boyfreind Jake, they were walking towards the gym were Jake always worked his body out. He began talking about the last wrestling match he had won so easily.

"Sometimes, I really want to be challeged more, all the other guys are to easy to beat." Jake said.

"I'm sure someone will put up a good fight soon enough honey, it is only a matter of time." Ira said feeling a bit turned on about the situation.

Jake looked at her in a mean manner, and said "Soon?, how about never, I can't be beat, I don't know what the hell your taking about."

Ira backed off. She was use to his arrogant manner, but realize how annoying it was getting. His whole body seemed to be full with

tough testostrone, and he reminded her of a bull. A bull with big heavy balls of steel.

When they arrived to the gym Cindy was there practicing some of her gymnastics.

Ira ran toward Cindy and yelled to Jake, "Hey, Cindys here, I didn't expect her to be here too."

Jake was wondering why she was here. He never did like her, and always ignored her. However this time he had to say something, because that little bitch was using the mat he did most of his workouts.

"Cindy, you shouldn't be here, this is my time, and my mat. I need you to get off." Jake said rudely.

"I don't see your name on it Jake, I'm going to use it today useless you can stop me!"

Jake turned his back to the girls and headed to the locker room to change. Before receaching the door he turned around and shouted,"I want your stupid ass out of my gym, otherwise I'm going to through you out myself BITCH!" He figured that would scare her away, and by the time he changed, she would be out of the way.

In the locker room, Jake began taking off all of his clothes and stood in front of the mirror. He always did this because he really admired his own body. He also knew of all the girls who liked his body. He examined himself up and down. Staring at his bisceps, thick neck, six-pack abs, and very musclar thighs.

He then thought of last night when Ira was with Cindy, he met a cute little girl after working out and talked her into a date tonight. He fansatize about ramming his cock inside her and hearing her hopeless cries. He never told Ira about this, and realized he must have banged well over twenty girls during college. He looked back into the mirror and notice his proud member swelling up into a massive erection. He knew his male weapon would easily split the girl in half tonight. He rubbed his member thinking about the young girl sucking on his big round balls. He was very pleased with his balls, and gently massaged them in their low hanging sack of skin. They were very heavy, and he knew that most of their contents will be released on the girls face tonight. He stopped thinking about that and quickly began changing into his gym clothes. He usually would wear a jock strap, but today he wanted to hang loose and exerise without any underwear at all. He slid on his loose gray sweatpants and walked back out to the mats.

Expecting the girls to be gone, but to his surpise they both were praticing their gymnastics.

He yelled,"I thought I told you to get out of here, Ira tell your bitchy friend to leave, I want to work out!"

Ira said," Well she was hear first, and I think she should keep her spot."

Jake walk up to Ira and slapped her in the face, then he grabbed her and moved her off of the mat. After setting her down he turned to look at Cindy.

"Don't make me do the same thing to you, I warned you that I would through you out!"

"Go ahead and try big boy, I don't think you got what it takes you PUSSY!" Cindy said confidently.

"I have beaten men on this mat, and I'll do the same if your don't get your ass off."

Ira yelled from the side rubbing her face,"Kick his ass Cindy, I bet you can take him out with one hit, he is such a big baby for a man his size!"

Jake was pissed off at Ira's boldest and walked to her and slapped her again. She started crying, and Jake walked up to Cindy. He stared down at her, and said to get the fuck off the mat. Cindy felt intimadated by this angry male animal, but she was going to carrying on with her plan until...sometime unexpected happen.

Jake shoved her down and walked in a circle full of anger. He was thinking about what Ira said about Cindy beating him with one hit. He didn't like that at all and finally just stood there with his arms crossed and feet apart in the middle of the mat.

"So you think you can kick my ass with one hit...Let's see it BITCH!"Jake stuck his face out exposing his right cheek. Ira realized that he was going to let Cindy have a free shot on his body. Jake stood there legs apart, arms crossed, and cheeck exposed for Cindy to hit. Jakes reason for this was to prove his male ego by not showing fear to the small Cindy. He expected a hard punch to his cheek and braced himself for her hit. After her punch, he was going to pin Cindy and then shove his rock hard cock into her...raping her on the mat in front of his girlfriend Ira. It would be quite a show for her to see.

Cindy was shocked with what this dumb jock was doing. Was he really that stupid? She looked at his face and notice that he wanted her to punch his jaw. His eyes were closed, so see looked at Ira and smiled. She then looked at the loose bulge between Jakes parted thighs. She could see the line of his dick, and where his big manly balls hung.

Ira began to get excited, and she stop rubbing her cheek and realized the stupid disadvantage her boyfriend had put himself into. She too notice the prominent bulge between his legs, and notice it was looser and bigger than before. She smile as she notice he wasn't wearing any boxers or jock straps to support his most precise male organs. Ira picture his manly organs between his legs, she knew his balls were very huge and heavy because she had sucked on them many times before. His cock was around ten inches and she pictured it hanging in front of the balls. Perhaps she thought, his cock would protect his balls from a forward strike. She made a motion to Cindy to kick him between his legs, because then it will be all balls and none of the cock.

Still standing there in the middle of the mat Jake yelled "Come On!" He uncrossed his arms and flexed them to his sides. His chest and abs were showing and Cindy felt an electic thrill between her legs. She walked up to him raised her bare foot back and swing it forward.

As her foot came up between Jake's legs she felt his loose sweatpants engulf her foot. Then with powerful female force she connected with the males, heavy loose, vunlerable balls and smashed them into his pelvic bone, and into the body cavity they came out of. Her foot was halfway into his body, and she kept it there for a few seconds. She wiggled her toes inside him feeling the warmth the male crotch made. Then she notice his balls were missing, she could no longer feel those two big orbs of male power. As she pulled her foot out, Jake stood there. His sweatpants were still forced into his groin. His face was lifeless, and his mouth had an "O" shape. A very low moan escaped from his throat. Ira jumped up and ran to Cindy who was staring at the young man. Finally his sweatpants came out of his body cavity and hung loose around his waist once more. Jake was a goner, his muscles in his chest and abs started convulsing wildly. His male ego torn into shreds, Jake used both his arms and hands too grab onto his busted sack. Jakes masculine balls were "No Match" for Cindy's feminine foot, for both of Jakes balls busted open and were now a pulp in the loose sack. The girls were waiting for something to happen. Ten seconds went by and Jakes powerful body sank onto its knees and then onto his back. He began screaming in a very high pitched way. His six-foot body was writhing and twitching as he felt the worst pain in his sorry male life. The girls laughed at the muscled Jock and stared at him crying and thrashing his legs around in a vain useless attempt to contol the horrendous testicle-pain. A pain no female will ever know. Cindy put her arms up to the sky and danced around the young man's writhing and crying body. Jake couldn't think, and the pain from the female attack soon overpowered his weak male body. Both his eyes rolled up into his skull, and his head rolled to its side. He passed out. The two girls looked down at this poor male, his hands were still on his ruined testicles, and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth. Both girls jumped up and hugged each other. They had just taken out a tough male bull with one simple kick. Ira said ,"Well, I guess all males are weak down there!"

Cindy smiled, and put her arm around her new girlfriend,"Yeah, it must suck to be a boy huh?"

Ira slapped her own smooth female crotch hard and laughed saying, "Oh Yes, Testicles are a Joke!"

Together they walked out of the gym talking about what just happened.

Jake finally got the mat to himself...with the use of his manhood!

Baseball Catcher Vs Girl

Baseball Catcher Vs Girl

By TwoNutBuster

Kyle Harvey believes balls are a strength, until a girl puts them in their rightful place.

Kyle Harvey was a guy who excelled in every sport he played. He was captain of the football team, and one of the best Baseball Catchers in the state. He was tall, lean, muscular, and cocky. He knew being a boy made him better and stronger than the girls. He never believed girls should compete against boys in sports, so he was upset when a new girl Jessica, moved into their neighborhood. She would always say girls can do things boys can too.

He and a bunch of his guy buddies would always go to the local park and play a game of Baseball Saturday afternoons. Since it was hot, all the boys would remove their shirts, and only wear a cap, glove, shoes, and basketball shorts. Some of the boys had amazing bodies, and were golden brown in the sun. As Kyle began removing his shirt, he heard a whistle behind him. A group of girls, lend by Jessica, were standing their with gloves and bats, they wanted to play with the boys too. Kyle, threw his shirt to the dugout, and walked over to the girls, his wide muscular chest was intimidating, and his torso narrowed at his waist, he had a powerful "Vee shaped body", and some of the girls felt scared to talk to him. The elastic of his underarmour briefs were showing above his white gym shorts, as he walked closer the girls noticed the bulge in between his legs bobble from side to side, he was not wearing a cup, so the bulge was all manhood, all natural Maleness!

Kyle Harvey was about 6 foot 1, with blue eyes, and dark hair. His body was built like a young handsome god, so powerful, and so strong. A line of dark hair ran up from his briefs, and into his belly button, he was becoming very matured. He crossed his arms, stood legs open in a dominant display of male power, and looked at the girls.

"What can we do for you?" Kyle said.

"We want to play too, we can pick teams?" Jessica said.

"What, pick teams? I don't want any girls playing on my team, this sport is only for boys, not girls. Perhaps you would rather play softball at the other field, you have to have testosterone to play on this field." He smiled at his teamates. "You know, Balls...not Pussies." He flexed his hard muscles for the girls, and turned around to put on his catchers gear.

"Wait! Then we will play against your team, Girls Vs Boys, Top Dogs Vs Top Bitches!" Jessica said confidently.

Kyle, turned his cap backwards, and slid on his facemask, he said, "Fine by me". He went to the dugout, and began pulling out his catchers gear, and he tighten his knee and shin guards, and place his chest protector over his golden brown torso. He saw his baseball cup in his bag, but just left it there, he never had a ball hit him in between the legs, cause he was that perfect. Plus, he didn't want his nuts getting all sweaty in the hot day.The boys took the field, and the girls were at bat. Kyle ran out of the dugout looking ever so masuline in his gear. His proud cock and balls swinging in between his thighs, looking like tough symbols of male power! He looked great, and the girls loved the eye candy he was giving them.

Kyle squated behind homeplate, legs wide apart, and gave the signal for a fast ball, the pitcher delivered one and before you know it, it was inside Kyle Harveys glove. Strike one!!!

"Still want to play with the big boys?" he chuckled. From the girls dugout, they were staring at Kyle's back, it was so wide, and tampered down in a V-shape, it was awesome.

Soon it was the eight inning, and surprisingly, the girls were one-run behind the boys. Jessica told her team to not give up, we can bet these boys at their own game.

Finally the top of the 9th inning came, and the girls had one last chance to win, or tie the game. Jessica was on 3rd base, and her teamate was at the plate. The girls had 2 outs, and three balls, and two strikes, this was it. Kyle squated behind homeplate, and mumbled to himself, "girls can't beat boys, we have nuts, they don't." He signaled his pitcher for a fast ball, the pitcher delivered the throw, and whack, the ball was hit passed the pitcher and to the shortstop, the player bobbled with the ball for awhile, and quickly threw it at Kyle Harvey. Kyle caught the ball and tagged Jessica's right breast hard and on purpose, just as Jessica slid into homeplate. Jessica was in pain, but quickly got up and pushed Kyle. "Ha Ha, we win, girls can't beat boys!"

"What, I tagged homeplate before you tagged me, we are tied!" Jessica was mad, and her team came running out of the dugout too. She's right, we are still tied, and the game continues, her team said.

"Whatever, there is no crying in baseball, you girls lost, lets go guys." Kyle waved his team off the field. Then, Jessica grabbed his facemask, and pulled him towards her, she looked into his sexy blue eyes, and said, their is no winner to this game, we will fight to see whose the winner! Kyle looked at his team and started cracking up.

"Lets see if you got the balls to fight me asshole, you think your so tough, you boys do know the meaning of the word." she said.

Kyle pulled off his mask, and looked into her face, "Fuck You Bitch!" he said. Jessica slapped him hard in the face, and the fight was on. The boys and girls surrounded homeplate, and wanted their respectful sex to win. Kyle was head and shoulders taller then Jessica, and his stronger male body made this seem like a complete mismatch. Kyle charged at her, grabing her lower body, lifted it up, and dropped her on her back, his shoulder bashing into her chest. The boys cheered at the sight, and some said, that stupid bitch gets what she deserves. Kyle Harvey stood up, and unbuckled his chest protector and threw it back towards the dugout, he still had is shin guards on, and that was all gear he had on, besides his shorts. He wanted her is see his chest and muscles, to let her know its a boy showing her whose the stronger sex, he flex his muscles again for his team the girls, and manhood.

He bent down in a squat position beside Jessica and said, "give up girl, you can't win against boys, we got balls, and you don't." Before he knew it, Jessica grab some dirt and quickly threw it into Kyles eyes. Kyle stood up, legs wide, and feet planted firmly in the ground. He was trying to wipe away the dirt. Jessica's tits still hurt, but the pain was subsiding quickly. She got up on her knees, and saw Kyle standing tall in front of her, his shin guarded legs are wide apart, and the bulge inside his shorts was bulging with his male cum and power. She winked at her girls, and gave Kyle a hard uppercut in his balls!!! His knees turned inward, and before he could close his legs completely, she slammed a second uppercut into his balls again. She was so glad he wasn't wearing a cup, and enjoyed the softness of his balls against her hard female knuckles. Kyle screamed in a loud masculine way, and dropped to his knees, the knee and shin guards clanked as he hit the dirt. He was holding his balls in both hands, his strong torso tighten so powerfully, and the thick cords in his neck were exposed. Jessica got Kyle Harvey good!!!

All the boys just stood there, they started getting erections at what just happened to their athletic male stud, their leader. The girls were laughing, and some shouted, "again, kick his balls this time." Jessica smiled at that thought, and she said, "get up and fight boy, show us what having a cock and two powerful balls can do!" Kyle eyes cleared, and he was in so much pain, in a place he has never been hit before. However pained he was in, he was pissed off that a girl did this to him, he needed to prove himself the stronger sex, so he slowly got up to his feet. He was doubled over, and slowly straighten his abs and torso. Jessica came at him again, and threw a fake jab at his face, Kyle quickly brought both arms up, leaving his balls unprotected. Since Kyle Harvey was shirtless, Jessica targeted his thick male nipples, and twisted them hard, causing him to scream, she then yanked him forward while delivering three powerful knees into his balls, crushing them hard against his athletic bony crotch. Kyle's sexy blue eyes crossed for a second, then fell hard onto his knees and to his side. His powerful male body was laying ontop of homeplate, and he cried out, "My Balls!!! My Fucking Balls!!!!! You Broke my BALLS!!! Then he fainted. He had lost.

The boys team just stood shocked at what just happened, a girl defeated the most handsome, and powerful boy in school. The girls just walked up to the shirtless boys, and each girl grabbed their shoulders, and kneed them all in the balls. The girls are happy, and walked off the baseball field, the field around homeplate was covered with shiney, powerful, male bodies, all crying about their manhoods.

"Wow, Jessica, you got Kyle Harvey good!!! You showed Kyle the true meaning of balls!!! You put his balls in their proper place, girl!!! Pussy defeats Cock and Balls!!!" The girls were all happy, and laughed as they exited the boys baseball field.

Jessica finally said, "Males are so weak, all that muscle and cockiness doesn't mean shit once you destory their manhood with a good solid hit. It must suck having balls."

The End

Written by TwoNutBuster

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Husband's Big, Beautiful Balls...

My Husband's Big, Beautiful Balls...

After a year of marriage to her brand new hubby, Jasmine was begining to notice the flaws of her young husand Ryan. Jasmine was a 28 year old women, having long brown hair, and brown eyes. She stood at five feet, nine inches tall, and didn't have a single ounce of fat on her. Ryan, her husband, was 25 years old, black hair, deep blue eyes, a very muscluar form from working construction, and hanging out at the local gym downtown. He had an amazing chest, wide shoulders, and perfect arms, he stood a towering 6 foot 4 inches. Both seemed to be the perfect couple on their Wedding day, two great speicimens of their respectful sex. People envied them, because they knew, they could create the most cutest child in the world. If they so desired.

However, after an entire year of marriage, Jasmine noticed Ryan acting more cocky, more arrogant. He would come back late from workouts, and even smelled of alcohol when he was (supposed) to be at the gym. Jasmine questioned him, but he would just take a shower, watch some of the Late Night shows, and make her suck on his dick and eat his cum. It was like this for a few months now, and Jasmine was getting tired of it. She called her older sister Kate for some advice to help get their marriage back on track.

"Yesterday, Ewww, you actually ate his cum? Yuck!" the sister said.

"I had to, he was drunk, and kinda forced me too." Jasmine said.

"Plus, I love him, and I want to treat him right. It doesn't taste that bad." Jasmine lied under her breath.

"Come On Jasmine, I know you don't like it!" the sister confidently said.

"Ok, it's gross, it tastes like salty crap. But I love him and his body. Sister, he's got an amazing body, the abs, the chest, the nipples, arms, and shoulders. Dam his legs are like tree trunks, and his sexy narrow waist is something I love to wrap my arms around. Plus" She whispered. "His got a eight inch cock, and it's eight inches while faccid! Plus, his balls sister! His balls are perfect! They hang evenly and low, their always warm, and he can even use his stomach muscles to pull them close to his body. They are the size of chicken eggs, and feel great to hold in my hand. His Testicles really turned him into a strong male animal, a great looking man, muscles and all!" Jasmine said proudly.

"You respect him a lot, but he doesn't even respect you!" the sister said in a mean tone.

"So what if he has Big, Beautiful Balls! Those organs just make him more of an arrogant jerk, those organs give him his muscles, those organs make him horny, and those NUTS... eject their waste into your mouth. That's not Beautiful, that's gross!" the sister was making sense to Jasmine. "If I where you, I'd kick those Big Balls into his throat, let him taste those sick things!" said the sister.

"Yeah, and then get my ass handle to me. He's too strong! said Jasmine

"Sister, my hubby was the exact same way as Ryan. Look at him now, he listens, doesn't talk back, and does the things I ask him to do." " You just need to put him in his place, drop him down about 75 notches, it's easy girl, so easy, I mean....He's Got Balls!"

The two sister's talked for hours about what steps should be taken next.

My Husband's Big, Beautiful Balls... Part Two

The next day 25 year old Ryan, woke up with both arms around his little wife. "Poor little girlie, she'll never be as good has Helen was last week" he thought. Still he rubbed his flat chest, and torso agaist her back, and made deep male grunting sounds to wake her up. Jasmine turned to see her young 25 year old husband, and smile. He smiled back with those perfectly straight white teeth, and sexy blue eyes. He mentioned he will get ready to go for a morning jog, and would like breakfest in about an hour. He gave her a little kiss, and went into the bathroom.

He stood there at the toliet, pulling out his limp penis, and gently massaged it thinking of having Jasmine suck it dry after the run. Then he spread his legs apart, and began pissing into the toliet. "Opps, got some on the seat, oh well, she'll clean it up." he thought with a smile.

After shaking his cock dry, he walked up to the large bathroom mirror, and began shaving. He had a chin guard type of beard, very thin, and jet black with his youth. He made sure it rounded around his jaw line sharply. Then, it was time to flex. He always loved his male body since he was a young teenager. He's dad was built, and he was thankful to share he's genes as well. He remember one time as a boy, he said, "Dad, being a boy is the best thing you and mom could every do for me." He's dad was so proud that day. Ryan smiled at that thought, and continue to review himself in the mirror. He eyed his toned, tanned body. He pulled down he's sweats alittle, and looked at his cock and balls. He smiled at their size, and the heaviness between his thighs. He had no body fat on his entire body, and the crotch around his manhood, was tight, making his male pride stand out even more. Ryan squirted some lotion into his palm, and gently massaged his big right Nut, then his left. He loved his nuts, loved the fact that they pump him full of testosterone, and hormones. He felt the thick nut-cords, and massage the cords traveling into his lower abdominal's. Then let them fall heavily, to the bottom of there protective sack. Then, to display his protective power, he tightened his abs, and pulled his balls close to his body, and again let them drop. He laughed at his own strength, he was a true male bull.

A few seconds later, Jasmine watch her husband come out of the bathroom with a big smile on his face. He was shirtless, and was wearing a pair of old sweats. She studied his male movements closely, she wanted to know how in the world he could move around with those large organs hanging from between his legs. Jasmine watched as her man slid off his sweats and boxers. She eyed her husbands junk, and watch the way it swayed, bobbed, and hung. He turned around, and bent over to grab a pair of gym shorts. While in this position, Jasmine smiled as his balls were in plain view in-between his strong thighs. They were amazing looking, beautiful, Beautiful Big male balls. She wonder what it is like to have such things, and sort of felt envious of Ryan. He's so strong, so powerful, and can piss standing up, all because of his balls. Jasmine thought, however,she was about to look away until she notice Ryan squat down quickly to reach the bottom drawer for his lucky boxer shorts. As he squated, his firm, heavy balls, rested gently on the brown carpet floor. Jasmine giggled loudly, but quickly turned around on the bed, and pretended not to see.

"What the fuck?" Ryan said

"Nothing, just thinking about something funny last night."

"Oh, Okay." Ryan commented, noticing her sleeping.

An hour later, Ryan came back home, he was sweating, and breathing hard. He was wearing a tight white tank top, and light blue loose gym shorts. His lucky pair of white boxer shorts were clearly showing above the elastic band of the flimsy loose gym shorts. He walked into the kitchen, and grabbed a glass of water, Ryan mixed a protein shake, and gulped it down, and stared at his wife with an intimidating look. She did NOT make breakfest!!!!! His mind began swimming with questions, and he just lost control.

"Listen you little bitch! I just got finished running five fucking miles, and expected to eat some food, where the fuck is it?" Ryan yelled.

"You're going to have to make it yourself, Jasmine isn't gonna listen to you anymore, Stud!" Jasmine's sister walked in from another room.

"What the hell is going on here? Why is she here?" Ryan asked his wife, pointing his index finger at the sister.

"She's going to be a witness, a witness too a fight, between Male and Female."

"HA HA, there isn't no fucking Mixed Boxing today, you stupid girl!"

"No you idoit! ME and YOU! No Holds Barred! In the backyard, on the grass, right now! I'm tired of you acting all macho and tough, hell, you don't even know what "tough" is, boy! I'm also tired of you going out late at night, smelling of beer, and creating a mess with your ball juice. I challege you to a fight, Husband!" Jasmine said boldly.

"You stupid bitch, I'll crush you. I lift hundreds of pounds each day, I can bench four times your weight!"

"Then let's see it little boy!" His wife said.

"Alright, but not going to go easy on you, especially since for sure your a muscleless female." Ryan said crossing his large arms.

"Muscle or Not, I'll win." Jasmine said.

My Husband's Big, Beautiful Balls... Part 3

Ryan and Jasmine had a very nice house, with a grassy backyard. While going for the run, Jasmine and her sister cleared a small area for the fight. Jasmine's sister also stated if Ryan gets the upperhand, she would jump in and start fighting too. "Just remembered, It's all in the genes, or in this case, It's all in the Gym Shorts." The sister said grinning and looking toward her sister's groin. Jasmine nodded her head in approval, she was tired of the large male standing ten feet away from her. He completely changed after marriage, but dam, that body of his only got stronger. He had toned muscles throughout his form, he's legs were apart, and his arms hung down his sides. His chest pumped up and down from the run he just completed. The male specimen she married stood staring right back at her with hate in his eyes. She had belittled him in front of her sister, and would make her pay. He decided to play with her at first, then fuck her brains out on the grass, while her sister watches.

In his college years, Ryan was a state champion wrestler, and in a Boxing club. He was quick on his toes and it showed when the sister yelled, Fight! Jumping around in a boxing stance, his Nike tennis shoes felt very comfortable, the loose gym shorts felt great too, he was relax, and believe nothing could hold him back. Jasmine knew about his boxing skills, but also knew the things bouncing around helplessly inside those shorts, more than defeated his years of experience. Ryan came charging towards Jasmine and used his right shoulder to ram her, but she was quick on her toes, and dodge his powerful hit. He resume his boxers stance, and sent out small jabs at her face and midsection. She did her best to dodge them, but he was too good of a fighter. Finally one jab caught her just above the belly button, and when she doubled over, he elbowed her in the face. She fell backwards, holding her nose. She wasn't bleeding, but tears formed in her eyes.

Ryan stood there and jumped about with his arms in the air, a sign of victory. "You stupid bitch, you aint'got nothing, no skills, no muscles, no balls!" He grabbed the bottom of his wife beater, and slid it off his toned torso. The sweat on his tanned body glisten in the afternoon sun. It also revealed the strong muscles of his hard-earned work in the gym. He tossed the tank top to the side as he walked around Jasmine, watching her struggle to get up. "And guess what girl, I'm fucking your friend Helen. Ha Ha, she's hella better than you!" He stood in one spot and starting making immature humping motions, rethinking last weekends sex. Little did he realize, Jasmines sister walked up behind him, and grabbed a handful of his white boxers and loose basketball shorts. She then yanked the flimsy cloth away from the studs narrow waist. The sister then put her hands on his two butt-cheecks and gave a tiny little push. Ryan was surprised, and felt two hands push him forward, and staggered in tiny baby steps, until he fell hard on his chest. He hurried to pull the shorts off his shoes, and then kicked them out of the ring. As he stood tall again, he saw his mature wife looking up at him with serious red eyes. He felt a shiver go down his spine as he realize she was the oldest, she was three years older than him. Still, his male ego fought him out of this jam, and stared down at the little girl, widened his chest and shoulders to prove his superior male being.

"You stupid fool, you fucked my best friend!" Jasmine stated

He looked down at her, "FUCK YA!" He yell into her face.

"Good, now I feel right doing this!", his wife said.

Since Ryan remove his top, his large chest was expose, but moveover, his nipples. Jasmine reached out quickly, and grabbed Ryan's male nipples while twisting them hard. Ryan scream out in pain, and took a swing at her, she ducked under it, and pulled his nipples downward to. As his face came down, she release his redden nips, and uppercutted him underneath his square jawline. His face shot up, and his body straighten up. She smiled at how easy this was, and questioned herself to why she didn't do this at the begining. Anyways, she simply grabbed both of his strong shoulders, she felt the hardness of his muscles, and looked down at his bellybutton, then she followed the treasure trail of hair to his thick male cock. She took her left hand away from his shoulder and slap his cock, then grab it roughly and pulled it upwards. Ryan stood on his tiptoes, and know she would try to strike his balls, he tighthen up his powerful abs, and pulled his beautiful big balls up towards his muscled crotch and held it there. "STUPID BOY!!!! THAT"S GOING ENSURE I DON"T MISS!!!" Jasmine thought, and swung her knee back and forwards in a smooth, powerful motion. Since she held his dick out of the way, and since his nuts were against his pelvic bone, Jasmine gave 100% of her female power toward her husband's sorry male balls. Ryan's mouth dropped, his blue eyes opened wide, and all of his muscles tightened.

Jasmine released his shoulders, and watched her manly husbands reactions. He doubled up, shooting both of his arms and hands toward the female's target. His legs turned inward, and he stood there in complete silence. Jasmine's sister took a quick picture right then and there. Then we all heard a masculine Male cry "AHHHHAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!" He staggered to and fro, but soon fell down with a loud thud.

"My Balls, My Balls, You Killed My Balls!!!!" Ryan yelled so loud, the neighors dogs started barking.

Jasmine and her sister jumped and clapped hands, she slapped her sister's perfect groin, and the sister's slapped Jasmine's groin, they both starting laughing staring at the boys painful state.

"Hey Ryan!" Jasmine said holding her smooth flawless crotch, "Sucks being a Boy doesn't it?"


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