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My Husband's Big, Beautiful Balls...

My Husband's Big, Beautiful Balls...

After a year of marriage to her brand new hubby, Jasmine was begining to notice the flaws of her young husand Ryan. Jasmine was a 28 year old women, having long brown hair, and brown eyes. She stood at five feet, nine inches tall, and didn't have a single ounce of fat on her. Ryan, her husband, was 25 years old, black hair, deep blue eyes, a very muscluar form from working construction, and hanging out at the local gym downtown. He had an amazing chest, wide shoulders, and perfect arms, he stood a towering 6 foot 4 inches. Both seemed to be the perfect couple on their Wedding day, two great speicimens of their respectful sex. People envied them, because they knew, they could create the most cutest child in the world. If they so desired.

However, after an entire year of marriage, Jasmine noticed Ryan acting more cocky, more arrogant. He would come back late from workouts, and even smelled of alcohol when he was (supposed) to be at the gym. Jasmine questioned him, but he would just take a shower, watch some of the Late Night shows, and make her suck on his dick and eat his cum. It was like this for a few months now, and Jasmine was getting tired of it. She called her older sister Kate for some advice to help get their marriage back on track.

"Yesterday, Ewww, you actually ate his cum? Yuck!" the sister said.

"I had to, he was drunk, and kinda forced me too." Jasmine said.

"Plus, I love him, and I want to treat him right. It doesn't taste that bad." Jasmine lied under her breath.

"Come On Jasmine, I know you don't like it!" the sister confidently said.

"Ok, it's gross, it tastes like salty crap. But I love him and his body. Sister, he's got an amazing body, the abs, the chest, the nipples, arms, and shoulders. Dam his legs are like tree trunks, and his sexy narrow waist is something I love to wrap my arms around. Plus" She whispered. "His got a eight inch cock, and it's eight inches while faccid! Plus, his balls sister! His balls are perfect! They hang evenly and low, their always warm, and he can even use his stomach muscles to pull them close to his body. They are the size of chicken eggs, and feel great to hold in my hand. His Testicles really turned him into a strong male animal, a great looking man, muscles and all!" Jasmine said proudly.

"You respect him a lot, but he doesn't even respect you!" the sister said in a mean tone.

"So what if he has Big, Beautiful Balls! Those organs just make him more of an arrogant jerk, those organs give him his muscles, those organs make him horny, and those NUTS... eject their waste into your mouth. That's not Beautiful, that's gross!" the sister was making sense to Jasmine. "If I where you, I'd kick those Big Balls into his throat, let him taste those sick things!" said the sister.

"Yeah, and then get my ass handle to me. He's too strong! said Jasmine

"Sister, my hubby was the exact same way as Ryan. Look at him now, he listens, doesn't talk back, and does the things I ask him to do." " You just need to put him in his place, drop him down about 75 notches, it's easy girl, so easy, I mean....He's Got Balls!"

The two sister's talked for hours about what steps should be taken next.

My Husband's Big, Beautiful Balls... Part Two

The next day 25 year old Ryan, woke up with both arms around his little wife. "Poor little girlie, she'll never be as good has Helen was last week" he thought. Still he rubbed his flat chest, and torso agaist her back, and made deep male grunting sounds to wake her up. Jasmine turned to see her young 25 year old husband, and smile. He smiled back with those perfectly straight white teeth, and sexy blue eyes. He mentioned he will get ready to go for a morning jog, and would like breakfest in about an hour. He gave her a little kiss, and went into the bathroom.

He stood there at the toliet, pulling out his limp penis, and gently massaged it thinking of having Jasmine suck it dry after the run. Then he spread his legs apart, and began pissing into the toliet. "Opps, got some on the seat, oh well, she'll clean it up." he thought with a smile.

After shaking his cock dry, he walked up to the large bathroom mirror, and began shaving. He had a chin guard type of beard, very thin, and jet black with his youth. He made sure it rounded around his jaw line sharply. Then, it was time to flex. He always loved his male body since he was a young teenager. He's dad was built, and he was thankful to share he's genes as well. He remember one time as a boy, he said, "Dad, being a boy is the best thing you and mom could every do for me." He's dad was so proud that day. Ryan smiled at that thought, and continue to review himself in the mirror. He eyed his toned, tanned body. He pulled down he's sweats alittle, and looked at his cock and balls. He smiled at their size, and the heaviness between his thighs. He had no body fat on his entire body, and the crotch around his manhood, was tight, making his male pride stand out even more. Ryan squirted some lotion into his palm, and gently massaged his big right Nut, then his left. He loved his nuts, loved the fact that they pump him full of testosterone, and hormones. He felt the thick nut-cords, and massage the cords traveling into his lower abdominal's. Then let them fall heavily, to the bottom of there protective sack. Then, to display his protective power, he tightened his abs, and pulled his balls close to his body, and again let them drop. He laughed at his own strength, he was a true male bull.

A few seconds later, Jasmine watch her husband come out of the bathroom with a big smile on his face. He was shirtless, and was wearing a pair of old sweats. She studied his male movements closely, she wanted to know how in the world he could move around with those large organs hanging from between his legs. Jasmine watched as her man slid off his sweats and boxers. She eyed her husbands junk, and watch the way it swayed, bobbed, and hung. He turned around, and bent over to grab a pair of gym shorts. While in this position, Jasmine smiled as his balls were in plain view in-between his strong thighs. They were amazing looking, beautiful, Beautiful Big male balls. She wonder what it is like to have such things, and sort of felt envious of Ryan. He's so strong, so powerful, and can piss standing up, all because of his balls. Jasmine thought, however,she was about to look away until she notice Ryan squat down quickly to reach the bottom drawer for his lucky boxer shorts. As he squated, his firm, heavy balls, rested gently on the brown carpet floor. Jasmine giggled loudly, but quickly turned around on the bed, and pretended not to see.

"What the fuck?" Ryan said

"Nothing, just thinking about something funny last night."

"Oh, Okay." Ryan commented, noticing her sleeping.

An hour later, Ryan came back home, he was sweating, and breathing hard. He was wearing a tight white tank top, and light blue loose gym shorts. His lucky pair of white boxer shorts were clearly showing above the elastic band of the flimsy loose gym shorts. He walked into the kitchen, and grabbed a glass of water, Ryan mixed a protein shake, and gulped it down, and stared at his wife with an intimidating look. She did NOT make breakfest!!!!! His mind began swimming with questions, and he just lost control.

"Listen you little bitch! I just got finished running five fucking miles, and expected to eat some food, where the fuck is it?" Ryan yelled.

"You're going to have to make it yourself, Jasmine isn't gonna listen to you anymore, Stud!" Jasmine's sister walked in from another room.

"What the hell is going on here? Why is she here?" Ryan asked his wife, pointing his index finger at the sister.

"She's going to be a witness, a witness too a fight, between Male and Female."

"HA HA, there isn't no fucking Mixed Boxing today, you stupid girl!"

"No you idoit! ME and YOU! No Holds Barred! In the backyard, on the grass, right now! I'm tired of you acting all macho and tough, hell, you don't even know what "tough" is, boy! I'm also tired of you going out late at night, smelling of beer, and creating a mess with your ball juice. I challege you to a fight, Husband!" Jasmine said boldly.

"You stupid bitch, I'll crush you. I lift hundreds of pounds each day, I can bench four times your weight!"

"Then let's see it little boy!" His wife said.

"Alright, but not going to go easy on you, especially since for sure your a muscleless female." Ryan said crossing his large arms.

"Muscle or Not, I'll win." Jasmine said.

My Husband's Big, Beautiful Balls... Part 3

Ryan and Jasmine had a very nice house, with a grassy backyard. While going for the run, Jasmine and her sister cleared a small area for the fight. Jasmine's sister also stated if Ryan gets the upperhand, she would jump in and start fighting too. "Just remembered, It's all in the genes, or in this case, It's all in the Gym Shorts." The sister said grinning and looking toward her sister's groin. Jasmine nodded her head in approval, she was tired of the large male standing ten feet away from her. He completely changed after marriage, but dam, that body of his only got stronger. He had toned muscles throughout his form, he's legs were apart, and his arms hung down his sides. His chest pumped up and down from the run he just completed. The male specimen she married stood staring right back at her with hate in his eyes. She had belittled him in front of her sister, and would make her pay. He decided to play with her at first, then fuck her brains out on the grass, while her sister watches.

In his college years, Ryan was a state champion wrestler, and in a Boxing club. He was quick on his toes and it showed when the sister yelled, Fight! Jumping around in a boxing stance, his Nike tennis shoes felt very comfortable, the loose gym shorts felt great too, he was relax, and believe nothing could hold him back. Jasmine knew about his boxing skills, but also knew the things bouncing around helplessly inside those shorts, more than defeated his years of experience. Ryan came charging towards Jasmine and used his right shoulder to ram her, but she was quick on her toes, and dodge his powerful hit. He resume his boxers stance, and sent out small jabs at her face and midsection. She did her best to dodge them, but he was too good of a fighter. Finally one jab caught her just above the belly button, and when she doubled over, he elbowed her in the face. She fell backwards, holding her nose. She wasn't bleeding, but tears formed in her eyes.

Ryan stood there and jumped about with his arms in the air, a sign of victory. "You stupid bitch, you aint'got nothing, no skills, no muscles, no balls!" He grabbed the bottom of his wife beater, and slid it off his toned torso. The sweat on his tanned body glisten in the afternoon sun. It also revealed the strong muscles of his hard-earned work in the gym. He tossed the tank top to the side as he walked around Jasmine, watching her struggle to get up. "And guess what girl, I'm fucking your friend Helen. Ha Ha, she's hella better than you!" He stood in one spot and starting making immature humping motions, rethinking last weekends sex. Little did he realize, Jasmines sister walked up behind him, and grabbed a handful of his white boxers and loose basketball shorts. She then yanked the flimsy cloth away from the studs narrow waist. The sister then put her hands on his two butt-cheecks and gave a tiny little push. Ryan was surprised, and felt two hands push him forward, and staggered in tiny baby steps, until he fell hard on his chest. He hurried to pull the shorts off his shoes, and then kicked them out of the ring. As he stood tall again, he saw his mature wife looking up at him with serious red eyes. He felt a shiver go down his spine as he realize she was the oldest, she was three years older than him. Still, his male ego fought him out of this jam, and stared down at the little girl, widened his chest and shoulders to prove his superior male being.

"You stupid fool, you fucked my best friend!" Jasmine stated

He looked down at her, "FUCK YA!" He yell into her face.

"Good, now I feel right doing this!", his wife said.

Since Ryan remove his top, his large chest was expose, but moveover, his nipples. Jasmine reached out quickly, and grabbed Ryan's male nipples while twisting them hard. Ryan scream out in pain, and took a swing at her, she ducked under it, and pulled his nipples downward to. As his face came down, she release his redden nips, and uppercutted him underneath his square jawline. His face shot up, and his body straighten up. She smiled at how easy this was, and questioned herself to why she didn't do this at the begining. Anyways, she simply grabbed both of his strong shoulders, she felt the hardness of his muscles, and looked down at his bellybutton, then she followed the treasure trail of hair to his thick male cock. She took her left hand away from his shoulder and slap his cock, then grab it roughly and pulled it upwards. Ryan stood on his tiptoes, and know she would try to strike his balls, he tighthen up his powerful abs, and pulled his beautiful big balls up towards his muscled crotch and held it there. "STUPID BOY!!!! THAT"S GOING ENSURE I DON"T MISS!!!" Jasmine thought, and swung her knee back and forwards in a smooth, powerful motion. Since she held his dick out of the way, and since his nuts were against his pelvic bone, Jasmine gave 100% of her female power toward her husband's sorry male balls. Ryan's mouth dropped, his blue eyes opened wide, and all of his muscles tightened.

Jasmine released his shoulders, and watched her manly husbands reactions. He doubled up, shooting both of his arms and hands toward the female's target. His legs turned inward, and he stood there in complete silence. Jasmine's sister took a quick picture right then and there. Then we all heard a masculine Male cry "AHHHHAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!" He staggered to and fro, but soon fell down with a loud thud.

"My Balls, My Balls, You Killed My Balls!!!!" Ryan yelled so loud, the neighors dogs started barking.

Jasmine and her sister jumped and clapped hands, she slapped her sister's perfect groin, and the sister's slapped Jasmine's groin, they both starting laughing staring at the boys painful state.

"Hey Ryan!" Jasmine said holding her smooth flawless crotch, "Sucks being a Boy doesn't it?"


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Thomas Jones said...

Oh man that had to be a humbling moment for him. When it's unexpected it hurts way more but one real hard shot and then having the 2 girls laughing at him. That's why I'm nice to girls and I've never been kicked hard in the balls.